Christopher Hill

BA (Hons) & M Soc Sci

  • Defence Solicitor in Magistrates and Crown Courts
  • Higher Rights Advocate
  • Court Martial Lawyer in the UK and abroad
  • Tribunal Judge
  • DV Security Clearance

Christopher Hill has been providing quality legal advice since 1987. He has dealt with cases in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Nothern Ireland, Cyprus, BATUS, Kenya, Germany and numerous other locations around the world. He has dealt with cases ranging in seriousness from Murder to Breach of Standing Orders and all points in between. He has represented every rank in all 3 services and has a high success rate in trials. He has dealt with many high profile cases including, a murder in Iraq, cases involving interrogators and cases well known within the military community including the "Warrior" case involving an incedent where a chain gun fired undemanded, the "Balloon" case at Rheindahlen and the celebrated "Red Baps" case which featured in The Sun newspaper.

Latest news.

March 2016

In 2009 an allegation of Rape was made by a female member of the RMP against two fellow Cpl’s.

The case was not proceeded with. Sadly, two years later, she committed suicide.

After pressure in the media the case was reopened and there was a trial at which I represented the two accused.

The trial was unique in terms of the evidence from a deceased complainant and the issues about the rights of the accused to

a fair trial when the complainant cannot be cross-examined

In a letter after the trial one of them thanked me for my assistance and stated “The professionalism, dedication,

poise and commitment that you showed towards me is something that I can never repay or thank you enough for”.

January 2016

IRAQ HISTORICAL ALLEGATIONS TEAM (IHAT) After five years of very little apparent activity, IHAT investigators have started

contacting individuals(mainly ex-services by now) concerning incidents in Iraq in the distant past.

No doubt in due course, the process will be applied to people who served on Op Herrick as well.

It can be a very unnerving and disturbing experience for those involved to suddenly find themselves under investigation

in relation to long forgotten events.

It is doubly difficult when they actually turn up on your doorstep as they are apparently doing at present.

The crucial point to remember is that you are not alone.

As a “suspect”, which unfortunately you are, you will be entitled to legal assistance free of charge.

Do not deal with IHAT alone, contact Chris Hill immediately.

Chris is already dealing with several IHAT cases and has obtained DV Security Clearance to allow him to do so.

November 2015

I am currently dealing with a Serviceman who is being

investigated for allegedly attempting to murder his wife by interfering with

her reserve chute prior to a free-fall parachute jump.

She fortunately survived the accident but the matter will now

become a heavily contested and technical trial with expert witnesses on both sides giving evidence.

July 2015

I have recently dealt with a case involving an RAF pilot who was a survivor of a helicopter crash in 2007 at Catterick.

He had been charged with Dangerous Flying to which he pleaded guilty.

After the SPA conceded at the trial that he was not responsible for the crash or the fatalities.

It was a very interesting and complicated case with a vast amount of evidence to be perused, much of it of a technical nature.

It raised very unusual legal issues as my client was not flying the aircraft at the time of the crash.

It has also proved impossible to determine what the actual cause of the crash was.

My client received a suspended sentence and so can attempt to rebuild his life despite the disabilities he has as a result of the crash.

July 2014

I respresented a senior NCO. He was charged with a serious allegation of manslaughter. Arising from an adventurous training

exercise in Bavaria during which an avalanche struck a group of combined services skiiers resulting in one fatality.

A very sad and serious case in which the serviceman was successfully found not guilty.

I advised an ex-serviceman from the Light Infantry who was involved in the "Seige of the Pink Palace" in Basra in 2005 and who had

his phone "hacked" by News International. I assisted him and he successfully received

compensation under the News International Telephone Interceptions Compensations Scheme.