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RMP/SIB Interviews

Military personnel are subject to the civil law, just like any other citizen and therefore subject to all of the criminal offences that members of the public are. Cont..

Being a witness

There is sometimes confusion about the status of someone who is spoken to by the police as it is possible to be either a witness or a suspect. Cont.

Being a suspect

The system operates differently if you are a “suspect” i.e. you are suspected of having committed an offence. Cont .

In Custody

The RMP practice these days is that anyone who is in their custody is "processed". By this rather harmless term they mean that fingerprints, photographs and DNA are taken routinely upon arrest. Cont.

Court Martial

These cases are dealt in a formal setting before a Judge Advocate and a Board who are a group of officers and WOs acting in the role of a jury during a trial. Cont.

Legal Aid

All members of the Armed Forces have access to the Armed Forces Legal Aid Scheme to assist in the funding of advice and representation in military police interviews and military court proceedings such as Courts Martial (CM) and Summary Appeal Courts (SAC). Cont.